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  • Studio Chess Classes for Kids






    Advanced I - Rook+

    Currently offered as individual lessons

    Description: These classes meet one hour per week (year-round) and provide engaging topical chess lessons, short video tutorials, puzzles, examples from grandmaster games and other fun activities in a proven learning curriculum aligned with US Chess Federation recommendations.

    Personalized instruction and an achievement chart make it easy for students to sign up for a class at any time during the year. Progress is tracked as proficiency is achieved on 30 topics within each level.
    Each student charts his or her progress on a range of topics covered in each level and can move at his or her own pace within the level.

    Students can progress through Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of classes. These classes are able to go more in-depth than after-school programs and other chess clubs.

    The curriculum for studio classes draws on a variety of workbooks and resources. Students in Beginning and Intermediate classes can purchase the appropriate workbook for that level at the first class meeting. Online students can purchase Chess4Life workbooks at

    Students enrolled in classes are included as Hamden Chess Club members during their period of enrollment and have the option to participate in in-person tournaments at a reduced rate and weekly online tournaments with no additional entry fee. Enrolled students also can join the private PMCA Online Chess Club (for Scholastic students only) and challenge classmates and fellow enrolled students to casual online chess games during the week, outside of class.

    Location: Play More Chess Academy is located at 1227 Whitney Ave. Hamden, CT 06517. Parents/guardians have the option to stay in the adjacent waiting room area during class if desired.

    Instruction: All classes are taught by a US Chess Federation Certified Chess Coach.

    Sign up and Payment for Classes: To see current available classes and to sign up please go to the Sign up page.
    Payment for classes is made in advance, on a monthly basis. Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year, and new students can begin at any point during a month. A spot in the class is reserved for that month once your payment has been received. Continuing students maintain their spot in a class as long as their account is current.

    Additional Info: Students can work through each level at their own pace. Each week one or more topics will be introduced/reviewed. Completed topics are tracked on individual achievement charts. Please provided advance notice of any class absence (by phone or email). If unsure about which class to register for, please review workbook topics listed below and feel email with any questions or to schedule a one-time assessment/lesson.

Sample Curriculum Topics for Beginning and Intermediate Chess Classes. Classes draw from a variety of resources, including various chess puzzles and curriculum topics in the Chess-Steps Method, Chess4Life and select books by IM Jeremy Silman, Yasser Seirawan and John Nunn.

Pawn Level Topics Include:
Chess Foundation, The King, Rook, Bishop, Queen, Knight, Pawn, Pawn Promotion, Capture, Threat, Retreat, Block, Safe Squares, Illegal Moves, Check, Checkmate, Major Mate, Defend, Undefended Pieces, Castling, Pawn Shields, The Chess Board, Development, Advance, Trade, Super Attack, Exchange, Overpower, Scoring, Tournament Skills I
Knight Level Topics Include:
Magic Square Mate, The Center, Active Moves, Opening Principles, Scholar's Mate, Major Mate II, Defensive Moves, Tactics Foundation, Pins, Skewer, Discovered Attacks, Forks, Remove the Defender, Battery, Interference, Back-Rank Mate, X-Ray, Checkmate II, Find the Best Move, Draws, King and Queen Mate, King and Pawn Endgames, En Passant, Algebraic Notation, Using Rooks, Using Pawns, Chess Variants, Convert the Advantage, Attack the King, Tournament Skills II
Bishop Level Topics Include:
Planning, Attraction & Deflection, Using Rooks II, Pins II, Discovery II, Fork II, Remove the Defender II, Interference II, Back Rank Mate II, X-Ray II, Trap, Checkmate III, Zwischenzug, Desperado, Draws II, Zugswang, King & Rook Mate, King & Pawn Endgames II, Smothered Mate, Under-Promotion, King & Pawn Endgames III, Outpost, Chess Variants II, King & Two Bishop Mate, Know Your Board, Convert the Advantage II, Calculating Variations, Defensive Resources, How to Study, Tournament Skills III
Rook Level Topics Include:
Pins III, Discovery III, Forks III, Overload, Interference III, Back-Rank Mate III, X-Ray III, Checkmate IV, King and Pawn Endgames IV, King and Pawn Endgames V, King and Pawn Endgames VI, King and Pawn Endgames VII, Imbalance Foundation, Material Imbalance, Space Imbalance, Pawn Structure Imbalance, Key Squares Imbalance, Superior Minor Piece Imbalance, Development Imbalance, Initiative Imbalance, King Safety Imbalance, Pawn Chains I, Attacking the Castled King, Opposite Side Castling Attack I, Combinations, Rook versus Pawns, Minor Piece Endgames, Chess Variants III, Tournament Skills IV, Blindfold Chess I

  • After-School Chess Clubs for Kids

    Description: The after-school chess program provides a fun opportunity to learn the game of chess and improve chess skills. We have a positive, relaxed environment where students of all skill levels are welcome. Playing chess encourages students to develop good sportsmanship, decision making, patience, planning, and the ability to learn from mistakes. Chess has also been shown to improve critical thinking skills, math competency, concentration, and spatial reasoning. Each class includes: a lesson on chess strategy and tactics, examples and puzzles illustrating the topic, free play chess games with classmates, and reviewing the material learned.

    Play More Chess Academy has offered chess programs at Bear Path School, Spring Glen School, Ridge Road School, Elm City Prep and other schools in Hamden, New Haven and North Haven, CT.

Please e-mail to inquire about upcoming on-site after-school chess programming.

  • Hamden Adult Education (Fall, Winter, Spring Courses):

    Sign up for Adult Chess Classes at Hamden Adult Education web site at the course links above or in-person at PMCA. The entire catalog is at:

    Class Location:
    Play More Chess Academy, 1227 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT 06517

  • Kids Chess Classes at Southern Connecticut Chinese School

    Over 75 students have taken Play More Chess Academy Chess Classes through the Southern Connecticut Chinese School. For more information please go to the SCCS web site.


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