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Online Chess Classes
for Kids

*One hour per week

*Beginner and Intermediate Classes

*Engaging learning, tournament play within each week's group

*Includes HCC membership & option to participate in weekly tournaments

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In-Person Chess Classes

*One hour per week

*Beginner and Intermediate Classes

*Engaging learning tournament play within each week's group

*Includes HCC membership & option to participate in weekly tournaments

*Check back soon for when In-Person classes for kids resume!

Hamden Chess Club

* Casual and Tournament Play with fellow club members each week

* Join HCC, participate in our weekly Online Tournaments and win a prize:

Monday Madness 8pm
Wild Wednesday 8pm Saturday Skirmish 3pm

*In-Person Adult Casual Mondays and 3rd Mon Little Open Tournaments!

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Upcoming Hamden Chess Club - Little Open (In-Person Adult Quad Tournaments-3rd Mondays):

Little Open Details:
Time Control/format:
G/20, d3; Round-robin quads; Equipment provided
Entry fee: $15 HCC members; $25 non-members
Prizes: $30 1st each quad; one six player swiss group if necessary, with $20 2nd place prize
Eligibility: USCF membership is not required. Adults of all levels (high school age and up) are welcome. Elo (club rated games) not USCF
Entry deadline: One day (24 hours) prior. No signups at door. Refund/credit available until entry deadline
Defaults: Players not checked in prior to start time may be defaulted. Clocks will start promptly
Byes: No byes due to round-robin format. All participants must play all three rounds
COVID-19 Safety Protocols: Please see list of requirements on Sign Up page


  • Congratulations to our recent 1st Place Tournament Winners:

    • Jan 13: Todd Kearns
    • Jan 11: Will Viloudaki
    • Jan 9: Jeremy Davis
    • Jan 6: Jordan Groff
    • Jan 4: Will Viloudaki
    • Jan 2: Asher Luszcz
    • Dec 30: Todd Kearns
    • Dec 28: Luannie Wang
    • Dec 26: Alex Montero
    • Dec 23: Todd Kearns
    • Dec 21: David Lewis (Dec Little Open)
    • Dec 21: Will Viloudaki
    • Dec 19: Asher Luszcz
    • Dec 16: Luannie Wang
    • Dec 14: Mark Sifrovich

    As of January 14, 2021 over $2,980 has been distributed in cash and prizes at the adult and kids tournaments. Join the HCC, participate in our next tournament, and win a prize! Here is a List of all past Tournaments with names of first place winners (PDF).

Hamden Chess Club hosts online tournaments each week for both beginning, intermediate and advanced players in our group. They are open to HCC Community Members, including currently enrolled students of Play More Chess Academy. A $20 prize, (usually an Amazon gift card) goes to the first place winner for tournaments that have at least four participants. If less than four participants, online tournament will automatically cancel and no prize will be awarded. HCC Community Membership status must be current (in good standing) to receive a prize. Upcoming tournaments links are listed here:



  • Our Location and Chess Programs were featured in this article in The Daily Nutmeg!

  • Best wishes to all of you and thanks so much for supporting our classes and other chess programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please stay safe! Play More Chess Academy is open for retail/store purchases only (books, chess sets, chess clocks, etc). In-person studio classes for kids are currently on hold due to COVID-19. HCC members currently play casual chess and tournaments each week on our platform ( In addition, as of Monday, Aug 17, Adult Casual Play has resumed on Mondays, with COVID-19 safety protocols: Join us Mondays, 6:30pm-8:30pm. No pre-registration necessary for casual play. However the 3rd Monday of the Month is reserved for the monthly Little Open, which does require pre-registration and an entry fee.


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